How to recharge puffbar

This content is only available for people who are above 18! Okay, I’m kidding, but yes guys, please be aware of smoking is not cool. However, Puff Bar is a kind of vape that is not appropriate for re-using, or you suppose that.

What is Puff Bar?

According to the official website, Puff Bar is a disposable pod e-cigarette and has 1.3 ml e-liquid and 280 mAh battery capacity. It has special flavors produced are acquired from nicotine salt and has nicotine level options between 2% and 5%. Puff Bar is a light, portable and compact device that is also really cute and is thrown into recycling bins at the end of use.

Puff Bar has use of ease. All you need to do is take it out of the box and start puffing. The mechanism of the product is arranged to start with your inhale, so you don’t have to press any buttons. Take a mouthful delicious flavor, hold for 3-5 seconds, then release all of it. That’s it guys, that’s the thing we need!

Well, most of the description is correct. But, here you go: You might actually re-use Puff Bar! You just need to know how to do it, and we’re here for it.

FAQ About Puff Bar

Let’s examine some questions:

  • How many days can I use the Puff Bar?

The Puff Bar’s life cycle varies depending on its usage in terms of how many days you use it and how many puffing. However, Puff Bar provides an average of over 300 puffs. That means more than 20 cigarettes. One use per day will meet your nicotine needs for 2-3 days.

  • What are the Puff Bar flavor options?

Puff Bar has over 24 flavor options. New flavor options are added every day. For current flavors, visit the Puff Bar official website.

  • What are the Puff Bar nicotine ratio options?

You can choose Puff Bar nicotine ratios among the options produced with 20 mg (2%) and 50 mg (5%) of salt nicotine.

Being a buttonless and liquid-free structure provides a comfortable experience for the person. As you know, normally the Puff Bar is a disposable electronic cigarette type. However, everything has an easy way! Let’s see if you can recharge the puff bar.

Can You Recharge the Puff Bar?

Well, the producers of the brand don’t want you to know that ’cause, let’s be honest, who wants to inform people instead of selling plenty of them? But yes, you actually can recharge the Puff Bar.

Here you go:

All you need is your Puff Bar, a charger, and a cable. Cut the cable carefully and see the tiny conducting wires, you need them. Put the charger on the socket and connect the cable to it. Now, you need the take out the under of the device. When you take it, you’ll see a battery. Connect the wires to the battery in terms of their color and wait for it to charge. When you finished it like a champ, your Puff Bar will be brand new!

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