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Float Fishing 101 is one of the optional tutorial missions you can choose to take on from the Diamond Peak’s Outpost noticeboard. You’ll find this next to Taylor’s Tackles, where Sophia, The Shopkeeper is. Taking on this optional quest will help you cover the basics of Float Fishing from start to finish.

Grab the Float Fishing 101 mission from the noticeboard to begin this quest.

Note: when you pick up a mission from this particular noticeboard, you won’t be able to complete any others on there until you’ve met all the objectives.

First, make your way over to the Jetty in the southwest of Diamond Peak’s Outpost.

As you reach the end of the Jetty, take out the Rod you’re using by pressing 1. You’ll then need to read the information that pops up about the Float Fishing technique.

Float Fishing refers to the use of the floater that’s used to tell you if a fish is nibbling at a hook. The hook will be a variable distance below the surface of the water. Meanwhile, the float will bob up and down at the surface of the water, when a fish is taking a bite. Float Fishing differs from Spin fishing because bait and lures are used to bring the fish in. You essentially just need to cast your line out, then wait for a fish to bite.

Now you’ll be asked to play around with the Hook Depth. This is the variable distance between your hook and floater. The depth that you want to choose will depend on a fish’s traits and which body of water you’re fishing in. Adjust the hook depth a few times by scrolling to complete the next objective.

Once this is done, it’s time to short cast. This will throw the line out a much shorter distance than the usual casting method. Press the right mouse button to send your line out into the water.

All that’s left to do now is wait. Once you’ve caught a fish, the mission is all wrapped up.

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